Commercial law advising & contracting


Licensing, research & development, technology transfer, IP Strategy

Trademark law, Patent law, copyright law, plant breeders rights

Media and Entertainment Law

Member of:

IT and privacy law

IT law, procurement/ outsourcing/ purchasing, software licensing, apps, e-commerce, cloud, data, telecom, FinTech (counter parties a.o. Getronics, Everest, CapGemini, Sogeti, IBM, Ordina)

Privacy law and privacy implementation procedures

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finance law and corporate

Finance and Banking law

Corporate law, SPA, joint ventures, M&A

Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, transactions / private equity, LMA

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affinity by experience

Affinity with your business makes understanding and facilitating your business cases.

Affinities a.o.: Innovation, Tech, IT, Life Sciences, Pharma, Food, FMCG, Finance, Banking, Business Strategy, Business Development, Engineering, Creative sector.


proper pricing

Believing in proper but not high prices for legal counsel services. Moderate hourly rates with discounts above certain amounts of hours or intention (please contact for further information).

EFFICIENT involvement

Good results need efficient attention and involvement which require efficient time. Time is only financially efficient with moderate hour rates with discount possibilities. 

Thinking in options

For different situations are of course different options and risk considerations. Approaching cases in a different way can help. Involvement in a broader way even more.

practicable/ templates

Solid advices and as practicable as possible. Making use of and implementing templates and standard documentation . Accordingly for these only further checking services needed.

legal plus

Longer term outside or inhouse/ interim part-time counsel services against fixed discount rates and in line with "dba" rules.

Regulatory Compliance and Legal Risk Management services.

If appropriate related management, "trusted advisor", finance, strategy and/or business plan services available.

Ton Paul Ebbink


Ton Paul Ebbink has over 25 years experience  (PQE) as an International Lawyer, Intellectual Property, IT and Finance Expert. Ton Paul Ebbink works as an independent counsel,  consultant and manager over 15 years for Multinationals, SME Companies and Startups  in Tech, IT, Life Sciences and Banking. He worked as an associate partner for Eagle Rock Life Sciences and  also worked with LSLegal. As a partner counsel and consultant at consultancy firm Berenschot Licentec he worked for many companies, Universities, Academic hospitals, VC’s and Startups in Tech, IT and Life Sciences. Previously Ton Paul Ebbink also worked for Van der Kroft Lawyers, at that time the first niche Intellectual Property/ IT law firm,  as an Intellectual Property/ IT attorney at law , at ThinkTank Centers for Entrepreneurship (co-founded with Alex van Groningen Corporate Finance, ING, Booz Allen & Hamilton) and at Generale Bank/ Fortis Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. Ton Paul also has experience as an entrepreneur/ inventor at a.o. @app BV/ TuneKey (founder), Biomade/ Mucosis (co-founder), Cantavarius (founder) and ThinkTank (co-founder).


other expertises

Supply and manufacturing agreements, EPC

Distribution law, Franchising

Competition/ EU law

Pharmaceutical law/ Health care law           

Clinical trial agreements

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Backup services, litigation and added expertises available via broad Network a.o.

assignments/ clients

Multinationals, Institutes, SME Companies, Banking, Startups Tech/ IT/ Life Sciences a.o.

sustainable services

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